witness (Burning Eye, 2020)


witness is about taking the gospel back to its radical roots in a time that has poured whitewash over it. This is a story about a man executed by the state for saying things they didn’t want to hear. This is a story about those that followed him.

"In a series of poems which tenderly, fiercely re-imagine the lives of the followers of Jesus of Nazareth, witness confronts the fact that what was radical in first century Palestine is hardly less so here and now. Stories made smooth and prosaic from overuse have their contours and intricacies uncovered, the near-fabular figures of the disciples restored to life in all their shabbiness, in all their glory." – Dave Coates, poetry critic.

"Intriguing, illuminating, challenging! Read and reflected upon in context, it paints a tremendously dynamic picture of the lives of the first disciples. The first witnesses; called from a background which is starkly and poignantly portrayed here……excellent and exciting!” – The Revd Dr Mike Kirby, Chaplain, Liverpool Cathedra