& (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2018)

  • & (Indigo Dreams Publishing, 2018)


Just like the symbol itself, the poems in & are the moments in between. These are poems of choice, refusing to choose and having our choices made for us where everything hangs in the balance and we must decide who we are and what that means.

"A collection in which profound intimacy meets true poetic intelligence - all the old sorrows and joys given voice through a new form of contemporary romanticism." - Simon Armitage

"Intimate, surprising and bold, the poems in & announce themselves with formal dexterity. Amy Kinsman achieves what so many writers strive for: the ability to be knowing and awe-struck at the same time, to approach the world with both wisdom and incredulity. This is an exciting debut." - Helen Mort

"& is a collection of gorgeous, vibrant and powerful poems of being and becoming in, through and by way of language within the complexities, dark nooks and crevices as well as enlightenments of the craft of poesis in the making, metamorphosing, drifting, hovering even between being and being again in the playful threesome of language, lover(s) and self(ves)." - Ágnes Lehóczky